About Unitcargo

There's more to shipping than just price. At Unitcargo, we bring a history of success and a future of innovation to every job. Founded in 1995, our team spent decades building exclusive relationships with the leading ocean carriers, barge operators, truckers, railroad transporters, and warehouses. Today, we continue to guarantee the competitive pricing, optimum slots, and excellent service you deserve.

Headquartered in Houston and expanded to a large overseas service center, our experienced team is able to ensure our customers' cargo moves with a superb level of reliability. Our financial size also enables us to offer generous 45-day credit terms.

What really makes the difference between us and other NVOCCs, though, is our people. Since the very beginning, we've gathered experts in the business of shipping with a passion for delivering a first-class service. A network of international agents in 34 locations around the world ensures seamless local cargo management. Our newly launched Freeportpak service offers an innovative barge-based solution to resin shippers facing railroad and highway congestion in Houston.

Altogether, you can count on us for every container you need to move through our area. From our local port to locations all around the world, Unitcargo has you covered. We are a member of the following organizations, who share our commitment to great business:

TIA Logo FIATA Logo NCBFAA Logo BBB Accredited Business